Spanish Books For Kids

A variety of Spanish books for your little children from aged 0 to 6 is available on

Printable Spanish Language Resources

Poster, Flashcards, Activity Worksheets, Coloring Pages, and More…

Spanish to English Colors Flashcards and matching crads for kids

Colores – Colors Flashcards and Matching Cards

Spanish to English Colors Flashcards, Matching Cards plus Bonus Colors Poster in 12 basic colors

Solar System Planets Coloring Pages in English and Spanish

Planets Coloring Pages in English and Spanish

Solar System Planet Coloring Pages in English and Spanish, Plus a Free Bonus Poster

45 Vehicles Coloring Pages in Spanish and English for Kids

Vehicles Coloring Pages in English and Spanish

45 Vehicles and Transport Coloring Pages with names in both English and Spanish, large size 8.5 x 11 inches

Solar System Matching Games in Spanish and English for Preschool

Bilingual Solar System Matching Cards

This set includes 12 Flashcards with 12 vocabulary words along with short descriptions in both Spanish and English, plus 12 pictures about the solar system and planets.

Bilingual Spanish Numbers Flashcards and Matching Cards Games for kids

Números -Bilingual Spanish Numbers Flashcards and Matching Cards

This Number and Counting Pack includes 20 bilingual number flashcards and 30 matching cards in both languages.

Spanish Alphabet Coloring Pages for kids

Bilingual Spanish Alphabet Coloring Sheets – El Alfabeto

This cute alphabet worksheet includes 27 letters in the Spanish Alphabet. Each letter introduces one cute picture to color along with its vocabulary in both Spanish and English.

english and spanish shapes flashcards for kids

2D and 3D Shape Posters/Flashcards in Spanish and English – Las Formas

15 2D Shapes and 6 basic 3D Shapes Cards/Posters in Spanish and English for Classroom and Homeschool

Numbers Monsters Coloring pages in Spanish and English

Números – Spanish Numbers 1 to 10 Monsters Coloring Worksheets

earn all about number tracing, number learning through coloring, and counting numbers from 1 to 10 in both languages at the same time.

Bilingual Spanish Vegetables Flashcards

Las Verduras – Bilingual Vegetables Flashcards Pack

Set of 26 cards with watercolor paintings illustrations on each page with the vegetable names in Spanish and English.

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