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Free Flashcards of Alphabet and 28 Fun Alphabet Games

Explore the world of ABCs with our delightful collection of complimentary printable alphabet flashcards. This comprehensive Alphabet Set comprises uppercase and lowercase letter flashcards for all 26 letters, as well as dual cards featuring both cases. To enrich your learning experience, we’ve thoughtfully included 28 engaging interactive activities for you and your children. These activities make discovering letters, phonetic sounds, and foundational words an enjoyable and effortless journey. 

Free Alphabet Flashcards with red uppercase and lowercase letter A

Free A to Z Alphabet Flashcards

Interacting with the alphabet flashcards is definitely a fun way to get your child ready for reading. It includes ideas for games and activities that will entertain young children while broadening their knowledge of the alphabet. Flash kids Flashcards offer essential practice in key concepts, which also assist your children to memorize easily the letters.

This Printable Alphabet Set includes Alphabet flashcards from A to Z in uppercase letters (26 cards), lowercase letters (26 cards), and both in the same card (26 cards). You can use it for toddlers, preschoolers, and even in kindergarten classes.

I’ve also included 28 interactive activity ideas that you and your children can play together with these Free Printable Alphabet Flashcards, to learn the alphabet in easy and fun ways. (click here to read more!)

Fun at home and school! Don’t be surprised that your children may recognize letters like a pro. 

Download Free A to Z Alphabet Flashcards Here!

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Coloring is something that all children like doing.
Try our A to Z Alphabet Coloring Pages, which are now on sale!

Alphabet Coloring Pages for kids

How to Print These Alphabet Flashcards

To print these alphabet letters, follow these simple instructions.

  • Step 1: Check your inbox and download the flashcards to your computer. 
  • Step 2: Select all the cards you would like to print and select print. 
  • Step 3: Once the images open, you can select exactly what paper size you would like and how many cards you would like to be printed on each page.
  • Step 4: Click print!
  • Step 5: Cut and laminate them to make sure they last a long time. It depends on which games you’re gonna play with your child, some activities need the flashcards to be laminated for reusing next time, and some activities don’t really need it.

28 Fun Activities to Play with Alphabet Cards

Teaching your child the Alphabet is not easy all the time. It is hard to grab the kid’s attention to learn the alphabet. Although you might think the flashcards are boring by just showing them and repeating the sound of the letters, we are here to tell you that there is more than just one way to teach a kid by flashcard. 

Today I’m sharing 28 different games you can play and have fun with your little one but they still have the main purpose that is helping kids to learn the alphabet easily. These activities are aimed at developing and supporting important skills for kids, from fine motor skills to higher-level thinking, ranging from toddler activities at home to upper elementary students in the classes. 

As a homeschooling parent or a teacher at school, you are the only one who knows and understands your children/students best. Therefore, you will be able to know which activities might work for them.

Keep in mind that kids love the activities that be presented in a fun way, and have connections as well as engagement with their parents or teachers. Playing and having fun with them always help them to learn and acquire languages faster. 

1. Sing and Flash! 

Sing ABC song while showing your kid these flashcards one at a time and having the child call out or sing the letter or sound together with you.

2. Memory Games

Print off another set of cards and play the Memory game.

3. Trace letters

Print out and laminate cards before using write-on or wipe-off crayons to trace letters.

4. Alphabet in Action

Make your kids learning concrete and fun as they use their whole body to create each of the uppercase letters of the alphabet.

5. Matching Game

Matching the upper case letters with lower case letters and calling out the letter or sound

6.  Sorting Games

Sorting upper case letters vs. lower case letters

7. Hide and seek

Hide the letters of your kid’s name in some places around your house, then ask your kid going around to find the letters and complete his/her name. Do the same game with parents’ names and other family members that your want to teach your kids.

8. Flower Alphabet Wall Art

Your kids select dry flowers and leaves in the garden. Then print out the letter sheet (size A4 or A3). Use liquid glue to paste dry flowers and leaves into the letter sheet. When your kids finished, dry the sheet under the sun then frame it. It will be the best wall art for your kid’s room or living room/ kitchen

9. Draw A Letter

Give your kids a letter flashcard, a brush, some paints, and a piece of paper. They can draw the letter or the picture that is related to that letter.

10. Paper Tearing and Pasting Alphabet Activity

Kids can tear and then paste the pieces of paper into letter sheets. Kids can rip paper and glue the pieces to make shapes. Print out this letter flashcard pdf file in A4 size and use them for a fun fine motor activity for any occasion.

11. Playdough Letter Tracing Activity

Print out with A5 or A4 size and laminate cards (optional) then let your kid trace each letter with playdough, buttons, pebbles from your garden, or even beans and pasta in your kitchen.

12. Word Scramble

Spell a word with the cards, scramble the letters, can you figure out the word? The words that you choose should start from an easy level, such as some words that your kids are familiar with 2 to 3 letters. After that, you can make it harder by spelling some new vocabulary that you want your kids to learn and practice.

13. Hunt Objects

Stick the letter card on the object to identify then ask your kids to hunt in/around the house the object that begins with each letter and call out the letter and the object after they’ve found it.

14. Shopping with Letters 

Ask your kids to pick the letters to complete their name or other family member’s name. Take the cards with you to the grocery store, mall, or library.  Find the objects that have the first or last letter matching with the letters in the name and you win!

15. Letters and Nature

There are many certain things out in the world that look like letters. When you and your kids have a walk through the park or the neighborhood, always take the letter flashcards and try to find something that looks like the letters that you want your kids to learn. For example, some tree branch looks like a V or T, a swing looks like an U, a monkey bar looks like a H, etc

16. A is For…

Shuffle the alphabet flashcards and place them face down. Take turns with your child to randomly pick any cards, one at a time. Name the letter, and say something that starts with that letter. For example, “I got A. A is for apple.” You can also make it a greater challenge by seeing how many words you can think of that begin with that letter. You have more words or letters, you win!

17. Alphabet Bingo

Grab these free printable BINGO templates here, then ask your kids to fill all blank boxes out with the letters randomly. To play the classic game, use the flashcards to call the letters, and mark them off on your BINGO sheet using a pen, small pebbles, or candies as markers. To get your kids more engaged in the game, let them pick the letters flashcards and call out the letters.

Free Bingo Template

18. Recall The Letters

Quiz on letter order and ask them ‘What letter is after R? Before M?’ or What letter is between W and Z? You can let your kids look at the alphabet chart or not, depending on their learning level.

19. Animals and Letters

Pick one letter flashcard and ask your kids to find the name of an animal that has the first letter match with it. You can play the same game with vegetables and fruit or their friend’s name to help your kids learn more new vocabulary.

20. Jump On It

Spread out flashcards on the floor and have kids stand at one end of the room.  Shout out a card and the students have to find the card and jump on it. If you have more than 2 kids at home, divide them into 2 or 3 teams to play. The first one finds and jumps on the flashcard first, they win!

21. Colors and Letters

Spread out the alphabet flashcards and place them face down. You choose one color and call out. Your kids will look for all flashcards with the color that you’ve called. Then they have to sing a song that starts with that letters or contains a word that starts with that letters. If they can, they win!

22. Cut and Paste

Take the letter card and glue it to a sheet of paper. Then find and cut pictures that begin with that letter in the old newspapers or magazines. Glue them to a paper as well. All kids love to cut and paste activities!

23. Word Ladders

You spell a simple word that your kids already know, like PEN. Then change the word by simply changing the first letter: HEN, TEN, MEN

24.  How Many Words Can You Make? 

Randomly choose 5 consonants and 3 vowels.  Then ask your kids ‘How many different words can you make?’ 

25. Alphabet Does House Chores

Hide the letter flashcards around the house where you want your kids to do some house chores. When they do the house chores, they will find them. For example, hide the flashcards with the letters L (for laundry), C (for clothes), and S (for soap) in your laundry area where your kids can find them while they are doing laundry. The more works they can do, the more flashcards they can select. At the end of the day, you can count the cards with them and give them rewards that they like.

26. Letters Tell Stories

Spread out the alphabet flashcards and place them face down. Your kids will randomly select one letter card. Then they will create a story that is related to the letter. You and your kids take turns playing. You will be surprised by how creative their funny stories are.

27. What Letter do I have?

Choose one letter flashcard and use a piece of office tape to stick it on your kid’s back. Your kid will do the same with the flashcard that they choose for you. You and your kid won’t know the letter that is pasted in the back. Then take turns to ask the questions to find out which letter that be pasted. One question at a time. Who finds out the correct letter first is the winner!.

28. Alphabet Backwards Song

Learning Alphabet Backwards Song and using these Printable Alphabet Flashcards will be fun for you and your child. This is one of the best ways that your kid will impress and amaze your relatives and friends, as well as their teachers and friends when they show their knowledge in a different and unique way. The compliments and praise they receive will cause them to regard the alphabet fondly. This will be a great advantage in terms of persuading kids to associate reading with enjoyment.

I hope you find this post is useful for you and your kids in the way to learn the alphabet. 

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Let us know in the comment section below which activities are you going to play with your kids? or Which games do your kids love to play the most?

Please feel free to give us feedback, embellish, modify, and expand these activities for your child. Share with us the pictures that your children are playing with these flashcards on our communities on Facebook and Instagram as well.

3 printable flashcards sets of alphabet

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