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Free Spanish Solar System Flashcards – El Sistema Solar

Exploring the planets in both Spanish and English can be a fantastic way to enhance your child’s language skills and expand their understanding of the cosmos. You can easily access these Free Printable Bilingual Solar System Flashcards, and utilize them to engage and entertain your children through interactive activities, such as games, songs, and creative crafts.

For young children, space exploration and the wonders of our solar system encourage them to learn new Spanish words in context.

¡Vamos al espacio! – Let’s go to space!

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Free Bilingual Spanish English Planets Flashcards

Spanish Solar System for Kids

Our solar system (el sistema solar) consists of our star, the Sun (el Sol), and everything bound to it by gravity – the main eight planets (ocho planetas) named Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune; dwarf planets such as Pluto; dozens of moons; and millions of asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. 

Beyond our own solar system, we have discovered thousands of planetary systems orbiting other stars in the Milky Way.

Resources: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/

Free Bilingual Spanish Solar System Flashcards 

What I love about these Number Flashcards

  • You can print these cards as big as you like from A5 to A3 paper size, even smaller or bigger. The big flashcards make babies and toddlers easy to read, grab and play with. The small flashcards are for kindergarten or handy to carry if you have outside activities.
  • This Bilingual Set includes 12 beautiful and vivid flashcards in both Spanish and English words. Your children can learn both languages about planets and solar system topics at the same time.
  • These free solar system flashcards come together with native speaker audio. Easy to teach Spanish to your children at home or in classes, even if you are not fluent!

Bilingual Spanish Solar System Flashcards include:

  • Sun – Sol
  • Mercury – Mercurio
  • Venus – Venus
  • Earth – Tierra
  • Mars – Marte
  • Jupiter – Júpiter
  • Saturn – Saturno
  • Uranus – Urano
  • Neptune – Neptuno
  • Moon – Luna
  • Asteroids – Asteroides
  • Comets – Cometas

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Check More Bilingual Solar System and Planets Coloring Pages and Matching Cards Games for Bilingual Toddlers and Preschoolers here!

Solar System Activities for Kids 

Planets Coloring Pages

Use these coloring pages as a fun way to teach your child one or two things about each of these eight planets. Your little one will love to learn fun facts about outer space! 

This coloring set includes Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Earth, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune with the planets’ names in both Spanish and English.

Through coloring activities, you can also teach your kids about colors and the reasons why each planet has certain and particular colors of its own.

For example, Neptune is the coldest planet in our solar system and the farthest from the Sun. Neptune’s atmosphere has lots of methane, which gives it a blue color.

You can get the whole set at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Solar System Matching Game Activity

Matching Game is one of the best ways to help your kids review their knowledge actively.

You can get the whole set at Teachers Pay Teachers.

These Bilingual Spanish Solar System Matching Cards are just what you need to help kids learn vocabulary words related to our Solar System in both Spanish and English in a fun and hands-on way.

The set includes 12 flashcards – Sun (Sol), Mercury (Mercurio), Venus (Venus), Earth (Tierra), Mars (Marte), Jupiter (Júpiter), Saturn (Saturno), Uranus (Urano), Neptune (Neptuno), Moon (Luna), Asteroids (Asteroides), Comets (Cometas)

Each card consists of 1 beautiful picture of the planet, 1 name label, and a short fun fact in both Spanish and English. 

This product features Montessori-inspired, multi-part cards that can be used for independent study or to play a variety of interactive games. These matching cards are perfect for teaching your children the different planets in the solar system, a great school activity for language learning, and having fun too!

Songs and Videos

We all know that music and videos are ideal to make any lesson exciting and entertaining for young kids. There are dozens of free educational videos on Youtube about the solar system and planets for kids in Spanish. 

You can also use these Free Solar System Flashcards while singing and dancing to these songs with your kids to keep their engagement and improve your child’s language abilities.

Solar System and Planets Vocabulary in Spanish

Use this solar system vocabulary list for kids to educate them about captivating facts about space in Spanish – Engish; from the names of each planet to their location of them in the Milky Way

Solar System Chart in Spanish and English
The SunEl Sol
Moon La Luna
asteroidel asteroide
cometel cometa
starslas estrellas
solar systemel sistema solar
planetslos planetas
galaxyla galaxia

Example Sentences

Nuestro sistema solar consiste en nuestra estrella, el Sol, y todo lo que está ligado a él por la gravedad, como 8 planetas, asteroides, cometas y meteoritos.
Our solar system consists of our star, the Sun, and everything bound to it by gravity such as 8 planets, asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. 

Nuestra galaxia es la Vía Láctea. 
Our galaxy is the Milky Way.  

Los planetas orbitan alrededor del sol.
Planets orbit the sun. 

Discover the Sun and 8 Planets in Spanish

The Sun – El Sol

The Sun is a star. There are lots of stars in the universe, but the Sun is the closest one to Earth. It is the center of our solar system.


The Sun is a hot ball of glowing gasses. It keeps our planet warm enough for living things to grow. It also gives us the source of natural light so we can see the surroundings.

The planets orbit the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The dwarf planets Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea, and Eris also orbit the Sun

Example Sentences

El sol es el centro del sistema solar.
The sun is the center of the solar system.

Es una estrella, al dente de gases brillantes en el corazón de nuestro sistema solar.
It is a star, a hot ball of glowing gasses at the heart of our solar system.

El sol es la fuente de luz y energía de la Tierra.
The sun is the source of light and energy for Earth. 

Mercury – Mercurio


El planeta más pequeño y rápido del sistema solar.
he smallest and fastest planet in the solar system.

Tiene una atmósfera muy delgada y sin lunas.
Has a very thin atmosphere and no moons.

El planeta más cercano al Sol.
The closest planet to the Sun.

Venus – Venus


A menudo se le llama “el gemelo de la Tierra” y tiene un calor superficial extremo y una atmósfera densa y tóxica.
It is often called “Earth’s twin” and has extreme surface heat and a dense, toxic atmosphere.

El planeta más caliente de nuestro sistema solar.
The hottest planet in our solar system.

Pequeño y rocoso.
Small and rocky.

Tiene una superficie activa con montañas y volcanes.
Has an active surface with mountains and volcanoes.

Earth – Tierra


Nuestro planeta de origen: nos proporciona vida y nos protege del espacio.
Our home planet – provides us with life and protects us from space.

Es un planeta rocoso, terrestre.
It is a rocky, terrestrial planet.

El agua cubre el 70% de su superficie.
Water covers 70% of its surface.

Tiene una atmósfera compuesta principalmente de nitrógeno y oxígeno.
It has an atmosphere that is made mostly of nitrogen and oxygen.

Mars – Marte


Marte es principalmente de un color rojo oxidado, que proviene del óxido de hierro en su superficie.
Mars is mostly a rusty red color, which comes from iron oxide on its surface.

Es un mundo desértico frío.
It is a cold desert world.

Tiene clima y estaciones, al igual que la Tierra.
It has weather and seasons, just like Earth.

Hay signos de antiguas inundaciones en Marte.
There are signs of ancient floods on Mars.

Jupiter – Júpiter


Su Gran Mancha Roja es una gran tormenta que ha estado ocurriendo durante cientos de años.
Its Great Red Spot is a big storm that has been going on for hundreds of years.

Es el planeta más grande de nuestro sistema solar.
It is the biggest planet in our solar system.

Es un gigante gaseoso.
It is a gas giant.

Los gases en la atmósfera exterior de Júpiter forman nubes de color blanco, rojo, naranja y marrón.
Gases in Jupiter’s outer atmosphere form clouds that are white, red, orange and brown.

Tiene más del doble de masa que los otros planetas de nuestro sistema solar combinados.
It is more than twice as massive as the other planets of our solar system combined.

Saturn – Saturno


Es mejor conocido por los hermosos y brillantes anillos que rodean.
It’s best known for the bright, beautiful rings that circle its equator.

Tiene anillos hechos de trozos de hielo y roca.
It has rings made of chunks of ice and rock.

Tiene más de 50 lunas.
It has more than 50 moons.

Es un gigante gaseoso
It is a gas giant.

Uranus – Urano


La atmósfera más fría de cualquiera de los planetas del sistema solar.
The coldest atmosphere of any of the planets in the solar system.

Gira de costado.
It spins on its side.

Está rodeado por un conjunto de 13 anillos.
It is surrounded by a set of 13 rings.

Es un gigante de hielo, hecho de materiales helados que fluyen sobre un núcleo sólido.
It is an ice giant, made of flowing icy materials above a solid core.

Neptune – Neptuno


Neptuno es el octavo planeta de nuestro sistema solar.
Neptune is the eighth planet in our solar system.

Es el planeta más frío de nuestro sistema solar y el más alejado del Sol.
It is the coldest planet in our solar system and the farthest from the Sun.

Tiene seis anillos, pero son muy difíciles de ver.
It has six rings, but they’re very hard to see

Tiene un ambiente espeso y ventoso.
It has a thick and windy atmosphere.

You’re on the right track to improving your child’s language abilities! Encourage them to talk about the solar system and their favorite planets in Spanish at any time and where they would like. 

Keep in mind that the best way to teach a new language to your kids is through play. The best time to teach your little ones a new language is basically right now. The more you expose them to a language, the easier it is for them to absorb it like a sponge! The earlier the better! 

I hope these Free Flashcards and some Solar System Activities in this blog post could help you and your kids improve Spanish and have fun moments to play and enjoy together. 

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Free Bilingual Solar System and Planets Flashcards in Spanish and English for kids

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